Offered services

For who want fly just for fun

We offer you the route for every flight with us, no minimum flight requirements and regular online events

For those people which have aviation inside DNA

Detailed flight pianification, several resources such checklist and soundpackages for your flight and a community where you can share your passion for flying

Just like a real airline

A detailed leaderboard, make your challenges with other pilots, flight lessons on demand for IVAO/VATSIM and publically shared PIREPs

The Airline

Founded in April 2017, for guaranteed the best flight simulation experience we have choosed to use vAMSYS, a virtual airline mangement system that can help us to provide an excellent service for all type of virtual pilots, from the newbie pilots without any knowledge about aviation, to those expert pilots which are interested for a professional experience inside a virtual airline. This system offer a detailed view regarding your personal statistics, and offer also the opportunity to compare your personal statistics with all details for any pilots members of our airline. In partnership with other virtual airlines of vAMSYS we offer also the opportunity to share your flight hours with those airlines. We create for our pilots several regular events on VATSIM and IVAO, the most importants networks for your flight simulation experience.

Resouces for your flight

Checklist for a realistic flight experience and a smartACARS with our personal soundpackages


We create regularly online events, for flying togheter with other pilots

Real network

We offer the same routes that are operated in real life

Support for our software

In case of problem, we offer you any type of assistance for our software


If you need any type of support,contact our staff team

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Public Relations
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Milano Area Manager
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Rest of the world Area Manager
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Roma Area Manger

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